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After a water disaster such as a flood or burst pipes, moisture will not only affect your carpets and floor coverings, it will seriously affect your substructures such as plaster, internal walls, wall cavities, wood, concrete and cabinetry.

Of course, mould is a primary concern and without doubt, it will be present. But there may be other problems related to water damage such as crumbling drywall and plaster, rusting metal surfaces, weakening supports, electrical faults and more.

If water is not removed quickly and moisture is left in the property too long you run the risk of eventually bringing the whole house to ruin. By calling in a water damage restoration company you will get a professional clean-up crew who will be able to properly assess the situation and advise on the best plan for the fastest possible remedy.

There are three categories describing the type of liquid involved in water damage.

Excess water removal is the beginning point of restoration procedures. In lower severity situations this can be achieved by physical means such as mopping or soaking up excess moisture from hard surfaces and furnishings.

However, for the more serious flood damage, it will require the use of more sophisticated techniques and specialised equipment such as pumps, water extraction machines and commercial wet vacuuming equipment.

In every water and flood damage scenario, there is damage to property but what many fail to recognise is the very real health risks that are involved, even with ‘clean tap water’.

The action you take right from the start will determine the severity level of the damage. You will be surprised to read that there are many things you can do that will reduce your losses both financially and emotionally.

The first step to take is to contact our local water damage technicians and advise them of the exact nature of the water damage and they will give it the appropraite level of urgency. Then, in the meantime it is our hope that we can assist you to do this and take initial steps before the water damage professionals arrive.


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