Flood Damage Services
Drying wet carpets and rugs is certainly not anywhere near as simple (or basic) as many people may think.

To some, it would make sense to use a hairdryer for what they may consider to be just a minor spill or maybe even step up to the vacuum cleaner on ‘blow exhaust’ for the serious overflow. Or, maybe not … I really hope we have not given you any crazy ideas here.



I guess at some time in all our lives we have experienced some form of flood damage of varying degrees .. and maybe even more that once.

Whether it is a minor kitchen sink overflow or a serious act of what is commonly called a ‘natural disaster’ and your property is inundated with rain or flood waters.


After the flood of water in a property either through the roof, the sewer, an overflowed bath or a natural disaster, there is a high likelihood that there will be a number of walls affected.

But not just the exterior of the walls – you need to know that the internal wall cavity will also be wet (or damp at the very least).



It is an unpleasant fact that in some of the more severe water/flood incidents the carpet may be so soaked that it is unsalvageable.

Generally this is due to natural disasters where flood waters have inundated a property resulting in the carpets being soaked for days.



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