Wet Carpet Disposal

It is an unpleasant fact that in some of the more severe water/flood incidents the carpet may be so soaked that it is unsalvageable.

Generally this is due to natural disasters where flood waters have inundated a property resulting in the carpets being soaked for days.

But, there are some delinquent cases, in which the water damage ‘experts’ the property owner has contracted have little or no idea of what they are doing and as such have left the property owners carpets in a soaking wet status far too long. Thus resulting in absolute sodden carpets that virtually need to go through a wringer to be dried!

There are a number of reasons this could have occurred such as 1) they had no set policy on how to protect their customers property  2) they decided to start moving furniture themselves (instead of leaving it up to others on the scene) or 3) they just simply did not have the equipment to cope with the crisis.

Rest assured. We will not be the fellows that do this to you, but, if it happens that you have suffered from amateurs or a disastrous flood, we are the team to get things back on an even keel. Disposing of wet, smelly carpet is not something we line up for, but it needs to be done, and we are equipped to do so. We can remove your wet carpets and ensure that your floors are completely dry before any new floor coverings are laid on top.


Our tasks in this instance will be;


Remove wet carpets

Dispose of wet carpets in accordance with council bylaws

Ensure your floors are sufficiently dry to be re-covered

Check wall skirtings for dampness and/or damage


CONTACT US ON 0417 305050 or CLICK HERE to send us a message


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